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CleoCactii's Feed

3 days ago
I'm so over sensitive at the minute I hate it 😥
4 days ago
3 months ago
A house move im sure doesn't need to be this emotional, but this guy is the reason for it. July 2017 we lost our absolute best friend to epilepsy. The call from the vets to tell us he has passed away will forever be in my mind. He was with me from my very first stream on twitch, sat beside me on my sofa, cheering me on in his own little way. I have so many good memories with him, I made sure he was included in everything so he didn't feel left out to virtual humans. He was the face of my channel back in the GirlyGamerLive days. He touched everyone's hearts and everyone who met his moody ass fell instantly in love. I feel like moving house means he's being left behind, but he will always be in my heart. So many people say 'but he's just a dog, you have bella' but to me, and the community, he was so much more than that, you'd never see me without Busta, he was everyone's best friend. I'll never leave him behind whenever I go, I still cry when I think of all the good times and miss him every single day. He would have loved (and hated) Bella, he loved being the only child 😂 I hope your having the time of your life up there Busta, here's to adventures new ♥️

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