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Catch all of your favorite streamer content in one simple place

At Kanga, we believe that switching between Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a dozen other apps and channels just to keep up with your favorite streamers is a huge waste of time. So, we did what gamers do and created one place for all your favorite streamers content.


Follow streamers anywhere, from Twitch to Facebook!


Watch live and see content from social platforms too!


Share with friends and find new communities!
Also available on Android and iOS

Top Twitch Clips

Find the top latest Twitch clips and gaming content from your favorite Twitch streamers along with all of their other content from all of their other channels, all in one place.
a day ago
Maya - Mitch Pets Ori
Mitch Pets Ori
a day ago
Destiny - Anymoy

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